Regulatory Affairs

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Regulatory Affairs :

Also Known as Government Affairs is developed to protect public health by controlling the power of products in areas such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and complementary medicines. It plays a vital role as the interface with health agencies and different departments in the company and as the department to provide strategic advice on extremely difficult decisions through the life of a drug.

Tammina Life science Regulatory Expertise :

Tammina Life science provides you with flexible and comprehensive services to help you navigate regulatory access and market access for your product. Tammina Life science Regulatory Affairs is considered the best service among the clients as we believe in good and supportive customer service. Tammina Life science assists your company to plan and manage your pharmaceutical and medical product development programs and regulatory requirements. Tammina Life science delivers informed bits of advice and pragmatic services and solutions for new product and market success. Tammina Life science Regulatory professionals ensure that your company complies with all of the regulations and laws pertaining to your business.  Tammina Life science abides by an array of strict rules and guidelines in order to ensure safety and efficacy of the drugs from your company. Regulatory professionals in Tammina Life science work with the authorities and different departments within your company in order to fulfil regulatory commitments with the health authorities.

Tammina Life science makes dossiers for you and manage the regulatory procedures on your behalf and make your work easy for getting your products in the market. Tammina Life science contributes to making post approvals, healthy authority submissions, lifecycle management and CMC. This will help your company in maximizing the commercial status of your product to usher in market success. Tammina Life science Regulatory experts also advise your company on the regulatory aspects and climate that would affect proposed activities. They keep track of transitional legislation in all the regions in which your company wishes to distribute the product. Tammina Life science Experts ensure that the marketing license is maintained andlife cycle extension activities are lead such as broadening the indication of the drug, changes in the dosage,change of formulation etc.

Why Choose Tammina Life science :                                                                              

Tammina Life science Regulatory Professionals are intellectual and have great communication and teamwork. Tammina Life science Regulatory Experts are flexible and responsive to your needs. Tammina Life science Experts are comfortable with multi-tasking and are eager to expand their knowledge in the wide realms of the current world.Tammina Life science Experts takes part in the development of your product marketing concepts and for approving packaging and advertising before it is used commercially.Tammina Life science Professionals always keep an update of the transitional legislation in the regions where your company wishes to distribute its products, and collect, collate and evaluate scientific data of the drugs your company manufactures.

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