Regional Labeling

Tech Tammina infuses service of converting labelling into required structured product labelling, drug registration, listing PLR compliance. All these methods help patients and clients to meet their regulatory requirements as per USA region.

As per Europe region the packaging and labelling has to be presented in the official language or in the languages of the member state, where the medicinal product is to be placed. To registration your drug application has to submit the relevant documents all in translated and localized way. The EMEA and other medical evaluating agencies require certain documents.

In rest of the world Tech Tammina expertise is necessary in regulatory template requirements and performs comprehensive revision of the product to create and maintain high quality.

Medical devices labelling is one of the important method to expertise the labelling. Tech Tammina will follow following process

  • Analyse the gap between distributed labels and submitted labels
  • Maintain and track label changes
  • Quality check of submission and commercial artwork
  • There are precautions, warnings, contradictions to create, update and review.
  • Create, review and update instruction for use.

Dietary supplement labelling

People today is in high demand of dietary supplements .Dietary supplement labelling is necessary because the key ingredients, safety information and nutritional values matter who will buy the product and who is manufacturing it.

Tech Tammina is trying to utilise all steps under medical authority and regulatory methods to bring authentic products to the customer.

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