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Artwork Pack Management

Tammina Life Science is end-to-end labeling and artwork pack management service provider to the pharmaceutical sector. Artwork and product packaging show your company to regulators, your customers, and patients. Tammina Life Science wants to become your partner of choice for this artwork service. For all your pharmaceutical packaging artwork needs, Tammina Life Science’s dedicated in-house packaging design team can provide a full lifecycle support. Tammina Life Science main objective is to maintain the partnership with our clients and enable delivery of the highest quality, market ready artwork and patient’s safety and complete eradication of market errors.  Our company goal is to help our clients to accelerate time to market, reduce cost and give expansion to its products globally.

Our company has in-house packaging and design team and able to provide a full suite of services related to design services to meet my client’s requirements. Streamline the approval process has allowed our company to outsource only by generating the artwork in-house. This saves our money and time and we try to meet fast approaching regulatory submission deadlines. This helps our clients to deliver new products to different markets globally which are important for short and long-term viability. With the public, government, regulators and other key stakeholders, your company needs to enhance its reputation.

Services by our company

  1. Artwork Approval workflows–Our company believes in step by step process. So first we manage the projects with stakeholders and schedules attach files at a component. For different processes, we use multiple workflow templates with serial or parallel approvals. We are very adaptive in nature. We adapt to the way you work. We can use options like the pullback to get back the wrong files uploaded into your inbox, forward option to take a suggestion from anyone and even terminate the workflow to remove it from the list.
  2. Collaboration and Proofing tools–We make the checklists according to your company norms or your product types. These checklists can be given reviews like approved or not approved or even not applicable. We give you options to view and reply on the annotations made by the regulatory life science experts of our company. We highlight text and comment on the artwork for the designer to recognize the changes and then expect a review from your side. We provide you with different artworks made by our experts and allow you to compare and decide on the best. This can bring us customer satisfaction. We always encourage the feedback on the barcodes designs and the font for the artwork we provide you.
  3. Asset Library – We believe in library and repository management for the sake of convenience of our clients. Your search and retrieval of our artwork and related files will be easy and quick for you as we provide them in the single repository. We maintain user rights and it’s you who can decide on what and which files to be used. We also share an update and tag easily.
  4. Reporting and Metrics – We maintain dashboards to show summary and informative graphs for everything we do. We also give you clear details which can be exported to excel and you can review everything we do. To get you the right data in the right format, custom reports are built with all the data captured and analyzed.

Why choose Tammina Life Science

  • Our company strives to achieve consistent quality and fast and affordable access to the artworks.
  • Our company works on unique and adaptive artwork designs that integrateregulatory compliance and regulatory intelligence artwork solutions and creations which help in branding and marketing your product globally.
  • Our company regulatory life science experts work dedicatedly to ensure your company’s new product artwork is on time and with no errors.
  • Cycle time and operational cost are reduced.
  • Standardization of artwork creation process.
  • Right First Time (RFT) approval by reducing errors and works on roof reading.
  • To avoid language barriers, multilingual artwork creation is also done by our company regulatory experts.
  • For various local and global submissions, we have regulatory expertise with a quick artwork turnaround time.

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